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Aztec Luxurious Concealed Carry Handbag Blue


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Aztec Luxurious Concealed Carry Handbag in Blue by Cameleon

The Aztecs may be one of the most well-known ancient civilizations.  The truth of their lives is one shrouded in mystery, but at the same time, their art and culture are recognizable to almost anyone.  Available in beautiful bright blue, this bag retells the mystique of the Aztec with its unique pattern-work. This bag disguises its purpose well, concealing the fact that it is designed for self-defense through its vividly accented design.  As with all of our bags, the Aztec is a concealed carry bag featuring a cut-proof wiring reinforcing all handles and straps.  Ambidextrous concealment pocket access, velcroholster, multiple pockets and adjustable shoulder strap.

Purse Dimensions:  12" x 11.5" x 7" 

Concealment Pocket: 7" x 10" 

Adjustalbe Shoulder Strap:  29"-59"

Handle: 7" Handle