What is the Best Concealed Carry Purse?

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What are the best concealed carry purses?

For many women, concealed carrying is a way to make them feel more comfortable and safe in vulnerable situations. Carrying a firearm secures their safety if there is ever a threat.

With a concealed carry purse, you are able to safely carry your firearm without anyone knowing that you’re armed. But, sometimes, a great concealment purse can be hard to find. So, we have checked out the 3 best conceal carry purses on the market.


Roma Leathers Triple Zip Locking Concealed Carry Corssbody Purse 

Fashionable and functional, this perfect square concealed carry crossbody purse is a trend setting staple. The spacious main compartment has multiple interior pockets in addition to the three exterior zipper pockets on the front side. The leather zipper pulls with gold hardware accents will make a statement every season. The back side is where the concealment pocket is located, using durable YKK lockable zippers that come with a set of two keys for added security. An adjustable and removable Velcro holster comes inside the CCW compartment and is designed to fit most sizes.  The wire reinforced shoulder strap can also be adjusted to fit any desired length.

Material: Cowhide Leather

Size:  9½"x 9½"x 2",  Concealment Pocket Size: 7½"x 8"


  • Made with durable YKK zippers.
  • The large, Velcro lined, gun pocket in the back that holds larger pistols.
  • Perfect for shopping or traveling with its compact size.
  • Has wire reinforced straps.
  • Soft, Long lasting cowhide leather.
  • Low Price at $79


  • No reinforced bottom.

Classic Leather Delaney Concealed Carry Purse by Lady Conceal

The Delaney distressed leather crossbody by Lady Conceal is crafted with premium 100% full grain leather. After time, the natural oils in this leather will attain a beautiful unique patina. With Ambidextrious concealmet pocket, YKK locking zippers and enough space for a larger handgun, the Delaney measures:

Purse Dimensions:  11" W x 10" H x 4" D 

  • Concealment pocket measures 9” W x 6” H


  • Premium, 100% full grain distressed leather
  • Both sides lock for extra security
  • Made with durable YKK zippers.
  • Structured, long lasting leather bag.
  • Large Gun Compartment with Universal Holster


  • No cut proof straps.

Mia Lixurious Concealed Carry Handbag by Cameleon

The luxurious Mia handbag is meant for the classy and fashion-forward individual. Bringing a delicate and feminine touch everywhere you go. Very Spacious interior with cell phone compartment and rear pocket. The concealed carry pocket is located in the middle and is accessible from either the left, right, or top, and is large enough to hold a full-sized gun. Mia is made of vegan leather and comes with a shoulder strap, which can also be removable so the bag can be carried as a handbag.

Mia dimension: W10" x H9.5" x D4.25"
CCW compartment: W8.75" x H6.75"
Crossbody Strap: 33" - 47"


  • Teknograin Vegan Leather
  • Ambidextrious gun pocket in the middle.
  • Can be a handbag or a crossbody
  • Stylish and Classy
  • Comes in 2 colors


  • No Locking zippers

Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Purse for You

When it comes to deciding on the best concealed carry purses to buy, there are three factors worth considering.

Even though your lifestyle and requirements are strong factors that may influence your decision, emphasis on the following three factors will always be useful.

1. Style

First things first, have a definite idea of the kind of style that you usually go for.

Are you someone who values organizational utility or someone who prefers to throw all your essentials together in one place? Is there a color you’ve got your mind set on?

Do you have a preference for a particular type of material? Answers to these questions will help you determine the comfort level you expect.

2. Safety

When making a decision with regards to this factor, having a clear idea of your concealed compartment’s closure requirements is key. While some purses have zip closures on either side to provide easy access, some might have just one three-sided zip closure.

Additionally, is an adjustable holster a requirement for you? What lock and key features do you need? And do you prefer a satchel handbagbackpack, a crossbody bag, or a tote bag when it comes to drawing your firearm safely?

3. Ease of Access

Easy access to your firearm in times of need is the most crucial feature of a concealed carry purse. Knowing how to easily draw your weapon comes with regular practice.

If the need arises, you want to be able to draw out your firearm smoothly and safely.

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